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ALMAS Temple Washington, DC

Noble Steven John Turner, fall 2017 Shriner Spotlight Award recipient

In recognition of his outstanding dedication to both the fraternity and its philanthropy, Noble Steven John Turner of the U.K. Shrine Club in the United Kingdom (formally under Aahmes Shriners, and now under Almas), was named the recipient of the Shriner Spotlight Award for fall 2017.

As stated in his nomination form, Noble Turner “has become the mainstay of Shrinedom in the U.K.” He served as both President and Treasurer of the Dartford Shrine Club, which has now been merged with the U.K. Shrine Club. Noble Turner “is very keen to cajole the members into taking and maintaining an active part, never forgetting the purpose of the Shrine in serving those less fortunate than ourselves,” said his nominator. In addition to supporting Shriners Hospitals for Children®, Noble Turner has also developed a link with the Children’s Burns Trust in the U.K.

Noble Turner often assists the Club Secretary in communications with their temple, and with Shriners throughout the United Kingdom. He is also the webmaster for the Club’s website

“As well as encouraging Masonic contacts across the country to step up to the Shrine, Noble Turner has also recently developed contacts with a number of Brethren, based in the U.K., but originally from the Philippines where the Shrine is thriving,” said his nominator. “He arranged a meeting in Port Talbot, Wales, at which several of these Brethren were admitted, many miles indeed from the Club’s home in Dartford.

“All of the effort here is Steven’s own. He thoroughly deserves this nomination.”

We thank Noble Turner for his contributions to Shriners International and Shriners Hospitals for Children, and congratulate him on receiving the Shriner Spotlight Award.

How to nominate

To submit a nomination for the quarterly award, please send the name of the person you are nominating and why, along with a photo of the noble (wearing a fez), to [email protected].

*Recipients may not be a member of their temple’s Divan, and must be actively involved in promoting membership.

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